NUMBALA is an educational game that helps in training mathematics and basic arithmetics in primary education of children.

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What is Numbala?

How it works

Development of the game was based on scientific research and in cooperation with scientists of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. NUMBALA game mechanics rely on spatial-numerical association, spatial-sound frequency relation and the so called number sense. The spatial-numerical association of response codes is considered the basis for further understanding of arithmetics. Our games uses a set of stimuli to facilitate the understanding of number relations.


Research results on the game’s efficacy have shown that game-based training enhances the response time in tasks involving a comparison of two numbers. The task is to decide which of the numbers is greater, regardless of the format they are presented in: two digits, dots or mixed digits and dots. This change has been observed in children playing with Kinect motion sensor.

As far as indicating a number on an axis is concerned, both laptop and Kinect training showed positive influence.


She is an adventurer, eager to collect the valuable coins left by the cosmic whale. She leaves her dog at home and rushes out on an adventure. Little does she know, her loyal friend is in grave danger as the sinister space corsair is also set on collecting the coins and will do whatever he can to achieve his goal. The one who masters math faster will win this duel.

Scientific research

Numbala is more than an engaging adventure game in which you roam the galactic islands in search of your friend. It is a cognitive training designed and tested in accordance with the highest scientific standards.
Our game was created as a result of joint work of psychologists, neurologists and computer scientists from the Neurocognitive Laboratory of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń and game designers from the Neurodio Games.
The aim was to combine the fun of playing an action game with the effects of cognitive training. We have conducted research on its efficacy in training selected aspects of learning mathematics.
What’s special about Numbala in comparison to other educational games?

+ Created not only by game designers, but also psychologists and neuroscientists,
+ Based on knowledge of the human brain and skill acquisition process,
+ Academically tested and confirmed effectiveness – we know it works!

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