Game development equals teamwork for us. The willingness to put one’s heart and soul into the work is strong, hence, the more people involved, the more ideas on the final shape of the game emerge. That is why it is crucial to have a strong vision and a common goal that we aim for.

We have unanimously determined our mission: creating meaningful games that would boost logical thinking, stimulate intellectually and develop emotional intelligence. In our latest production, we want to focus on the importance of friendship between our main character and his companion animal. We are all very fond of pets that’s why we find the process of building relationships with them an interesting theme for a game.

Building emotional bonds is just one of the game’s core ideas. We have decided to match the emotional intelligence value with elements of physics. The game world is constructed of magnetic fields and forces. In order to move around and get to the next levels, the player gets to experiment with magnets and the physical laws. That’s how magnetism has become the core mechanics of our game. Last but not least, we focus on memorables – the emotional states of the protagonist driven by the evolving relationship with his pet. Their bond strengthens through having fun but above all, through cooperation in solving puzzles.

“Magnetic Pet” is a working title for our puzzle platformer. The game may seem doodly and simply playful, though there is a little bit more to the story. Our aim was to address the subject of nurturing friendship and bring on the nostalgia in the 2D cartoons’ generation. The elements shared above, extracted through top-notch research, constitute a foundation of the game world, it’s style and characteristics of the protagonists. If you’d like to learn more about the creative journey we took to build the main character of the game, stay tuned for the next post.  

on a trail of perfect friends archetype

bringing on a sense of nostalgia

… and a top view of our research board

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