6 helpful tips to keep your kids safe online

1. Establish very clear ground rules. Limit screen time by setting limits on how long your child is online and what they can do.

2. Restrict Internet access and monitor activity. Parental control apps and those built into Wi-Fi devices and routers are easy to use. These controls allow you to set access times, monitor internet activity, and block website categories. Here you will find Best free parental control app in 2022.

3. Remind your children never to give out personal information such as name, home address, passwords, or phone numbers to anyone they don’t know. Make sure they create different passwords for each account or use a password manager. Here you will find The 7 Best Password Managers of 2022.

4. Talk about the dangers of interacting with strangers online and warn never to meet anyone in person without your knowledge and consent.

5. Teach your children to pay attention to comments and photos they post.

6. Talk to your children and teach them to immediately report abusive or hurtful comments. Also remind them to be careful about what they say, post, or post about others.

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