We focus on responsible
design and meaningful games


We want the digital world to be a more friendly space.

That’s why we design meaningful entertainment
and help creators make more affordable products.

We are guided by unique art style, scientific
background and natural curiosity.



Numbala is a sophisticated cognitive training tool disguised as a game. While it may look like a side scrolling space shooter, it is an advanced way to train the mental numeric axis. The game has been developed in cooperation with neuroscientists of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Poland and tested on over one hundred children.

Seedy The Seed

The vision of the game is simple. We’re creating
an organic world where a sense of freedom
to explore and co-create the world are the most important values. Game has mechanics provoking creativity and curiosity. Your “death” does not end the game, it makes the game even more fun!

Research & Development Projects

Technology should be available for everyone.
That is why we stand on the side of people with cognitive difficulties
and we help design valuable products. All projects were developed with Niculaus Copernicus University in Torun.

ProKalkuliaHello EarthStabiloMove eye BrainHub


Diagnostic test for the risk of dyscalculia. Implemented in over 80 facilities pedagogical and psychological in Poland.

Hello Earth

A gamified social app for high-functioning children with ASD.
Realized in 2018 for the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń.

Stabilo App

A mindfulness arcade gamedeveloped as part of the project for Institute of New Technologies in Łódź.





Let’s research, design and experiment.

We can support your team from the concept phase, through research, to the final design and appearance.

  • Character Design
  • 2D Art & Illustration
  • Storyboards & Wireframes
  • User Interface
  • User Experience Design
  • Design Sprints


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What are serious games?

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From zero to hero!

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