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Our values

Human development

We belive that video games are not just entertainment. We belive that through games we can learn, sensitize and talk about important topics.

Social responsibility

Our games are designed responsibly. We would like to recommend them to our relatives and players who are looking for meaningful experience.


Cool math game

NNumbala is a sophisticated cognitive training tool disguised as a game. While it may look like a side scrolling space shooter, it is an advanced way to train the mental numeric axis. The game has been developed in cooperation with neuroscientists of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Poland and tested on over one hundred children.


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From zero to hero!
Game Art Game Design

From zero to hero!

By 30 marca, 2021
Building a character: a long lasting process or… a light bulb going off in the brain
Coming up with a bright idea for a new game
Game Design Product development

Coming up with a bright idea for a new game

By 10 marca, 2021
How to create a game which would engage the palyer emotionally and intellectually? It is a creative journey worth taking.

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